How do legal spend management tools such as Apperio differ from e-billing?

E-billing is a great tool for electronically delivering invoices. Legal spend management tools such as Apperio are a completely different product, solving a completely different problem.

They give legal departments transparency over legal spend by allowing them to track legal spend across all their law firms, in real-time, in one place.

Work in progress

Legal spend management platforms such as Apperio allow you to track your total financial exposure.

Not only can you see the billed fees, you can also see the details of work in progress (WIP) that has yet to be billed.


Apperio gives you a real-time, transparent view of your legal spend and matters. 

Traditional e-billing solutions only provide you with visibility at the time the invoice is issued, which, on average, is 90 days after the work is done.


Apperio is a matter-centric tool, as opposed to e-billing, which tends to be invoice-centric. 

This means it is much easier to understand spending when viewing fees in the context of the wider matter.


Traditional e-billing solutions are known to have a long implementation process, often up to 18 months in length. 

Apperio can be set up in a few days, providing business value immediately.


E-billing tends to be hosted on-premise, whereas Apperio is cloud-based. 

Users can access the platform anywhere, at any time.

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