Key themes from CLOC London 2019

We went to CLOC again this year, with lots of exciting talks and interesting networking opportunities. Here are our 10 key take aways.

CLOC is growing!

Doubled in size from last year. 

This is only the beginning

The Legal Ops function is important

It will help reduce time spent on admin, whilst freeing up time for high-value legal work.

Metrics are everything

With access to data, legal departments can shift from being demand-led (reactive) to supply-led (proactive).

Run your legal department like a business

Drive results, not just processes.

Get friendly with the CFO and CEO

You'll need their support for legal tech spend and implementation.

Self-service tools are the future

Yes, machine-learning and AI is real!

Tools can help!

But take your time when choosing your legal tech provider(s). Think about the problem you are trying to fix, and start with something you can solve easily.

It's all about:

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Tools (& Communication)

Lawyers aren't the most natural leaders

This poses a challenge in law firms, where the need for leadership has increased.

Rome wasn't built in a day

And neither will the perfect legal ops team. It's a multidisciplinary function; reach out to colleagues, join networks and speak to the vendors who can help.

Assess the value of proactive legal spend management