Quick and simple setup

Get real-time data from your law firm's billing system

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Already connected to your firms?

We have extensive coverage amongst major law firms and are continually increasing the number of connections around the globe. If we are already connected, we simply need your confirmation to set up the feed.

Introducing a new firm to our network?

If you work with a firm that's not already part of our network, our onboarding team will take them through the simple process to get started. Simply introduce us to them and we'll get the data flowing in on time.

Go Live

The end-to-end process takes only a few weeks, requiring little effort from you and your team. Our cloud-hosted platform ensures that there are no servers or upgrades to worry about.

Automated Updates

Data will be updated in Apperio on a regular basis so there's nothing you or your lawyers have to do differently. Invoices and time recording still operate in the same way and you'll still receive the same billing information.