Getting started is easier than you think

Set up is quick and easy - it doesn't even require your IT team. We're already connected with hundreds of law firms and we can get you ready to start collaborating with clarity in a matter of weeks. Law firms love working with us, so if you need to add a new one to our platform, it's quick and easy to do.

Connected law firms

Our platform is already integrated with over 200 global law firms and we are continually adding law firms from across the globe. If your law firms are already connected with us, we can set up the feed and start tracking spend instantly.

Adding new law firms

Our software is designed to plug into law firms’ existing software seamlessly. All you need to do is put us in touch with them and our onboarding team will walk them through the simple process to get started. Law firms are always keen to join our platform.

Safe and Secure

We are serious about keeping your data safe and secure. We are ISO 27001 certified, designed with GDPR compliance in mind and we offer Single Sign On (SSO) authentication. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest and we have a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy. We conduct regular automated and manual penetration testing against our infrastructure and ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest security developments.

Time to go live

The end-to-end process usually takes only a few weeks. Little effort is required at your end and we don’t need to engage with your IT department. Our cloud-hosted platform means that there are no servers or upgrades to worry about, so you can get back to the business of law.

Stay in the loop

Data will be updated in Apperio automatically, so you don’t have to change a thing. Invoices and time recording will still operate in the same way and you’ll still receive the same billing information.

Are you a law firm?

Do you want to join other leading firms in providing your clients with an automated, complete and real-time view of their fees whilst building a reputation for transparency, increasing your recovery rates and reducing your lock-up periods?

Find out more about integrating with Apperio and bringing clarity, control and confidence to your clients.


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