Apperio selected for the Upscale 2019 Programme

What is upscaling, anyway? Well, it’s exactly what we here at Apperio have been doing for the past few years. It’s going from an acorn to an oak; it’s linking people who know what they want to do with people who know how to do it. It’s a community of innovators and disruptors whose ideas deserve a bit of a boost.

So we’re thrilled to announce that Apperio has been selected for the TechNation 2019 Upscale Programme. Apperio has big plans for the future as a legal tech company, and it seems Upscale agree.

As a leading legal tech start-up, Apperio facilitates transparency for a company’s legal costs and provides in-house legal teams with visibility over their legal spend. Having identified the confusing and often opaque nature of legal billing, the Apperio founder Nicholas d’Adhemar realised that there was a better way of doing things. After being a lawyer in private and public practice, he was uniquely placed to observe how endemic issues facing General Counsels could be readily resolved. And so Apperio was born.

Selection for the Upscale Programme is judged by a panel of industry-leading experts and entrepreneurs and enables start-ups to massively scale their goals and revenue. Over the last four years, Upscale has facilitated unprecedented growth in more than 100 alumni and now aims to help Apperio catapult their exposure and authority to new heights.

But what does this really mean for Apperio?

Well if any of the alumni of Upscale is anything to go by, it means very good news. Upscale provides industry-leading business advice that has a proven track record for growth and development across a number of business areas, including international expansion, talent acquisition and technology expertise. Alumni have enjoyed a raise of £6.2m and the breadth of disciplines they support grows every year.

Apperio has proven itself as an attractive proposition for selection thanks to its unique market offer. It will take its place alongside other illustrious names on the Upscale alumni cohort, including Monzo, Charlie and Paddle and representing businesses across the spectrum of innovation.

There’s a lot of exciting news just around the corner for Apperio and Upscale. Make sure you watch this space and keep yourself tuned in for the latest. Since we’re going from strength to strength, we’d love to take you with us.

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