The platform that is a gamechanger for in-house legal teams

It’s the end of inconsistent and unclear data for in-house legal teams. Apperio makes internal collaboration seamless and removes any friction with law firms. With Apperio get all your legal spend data, billed and unbilled, in one place.


Your dashboard monitors all your legal matters, across all of your firms, so you can see clearly exactly how much you’re spending and how much you’re projected to spend on legal fees in real-time. Unlike e-billing solutions, your data is live and includes work in progress, so you’re always on top of your spend. 


Get the analysis you need on your legal spend data at a moment’s notice, with just a few clicks. You can benchmark data across all your law firms, or drill down into individual ones. Our world-class visualisations bring the data to life in a way that all stakeholders can understand.


Apperio works away in the background, monitoring key metrics, and alerts you via email if you’re approaching a pre-determined budget threshold. You can stay in control of your budget and engage with your legal spend before it’s too late.


Increase collaboration and visibility cross-functionally by easily sharing your budgets and spend. Set budgets for individual matters and track how your spend is performing against those budgets. Control costs and budget effectively. 


Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is on hand at every stage of your Apperio journey. They will help you setup the platform, provide guidance on utilising it better and create a plan to meet your needs. They will bring examples of 'best in class' from our other customers into your experiences.

Do you want clarity on your legal spend?