About us

We exist to make the global legal industry clear, connected and collaborative.

We are transforming how legal departments are run, starting with the most important thing when running a department - knowing how much you’re spending.

Legal departments are relying on tools of the past, such as email or Excel, to manage their legal spend. The working practices of legal teams within a company continue to be opaque and obstructive as a result. When we founded Apperio we asked the question - why is this ok for legal departments and no others?

The existence of conflict, confusion and unnecessary costs in the legal system is not how we do business in 2022.

Apperio’s platform is rapidly being adopted by in-house legal teams who are taking the lead on running their departments efficiently. We are here to use technology to bring transparency to the legal industry and confidence to the in-house legal teams of today.

Our story

  1. March 2013

    Founder and CEO Nicholas d’Adhemar sets up the company, known then as Legal Tender - he believed the business of law deserved a better deal.

  2. October 2014

    Legal Tender integrates with their first law firm, Osborne Clarke.

  3. February 2015

    We name the company Apperio - it comes from the Latin verb Aperio, which means to uncover, open and make clear - which is exactly what we’re aiming to do with the legal industry.

  4. January 2016

    Word spread of the impact we were having on legal teams and we raise £1.6m, led by VC firms Notion and IQ Capital.

  5. March 2016

    Design and user experience are central to the value we bring to in-house legal teams and so our first hire was our Head of Design Gabby.

  6. May 2017

    We are thrilled to be selected for Startup 100. The rest of the world caught on that we are one of the UK’s best and most exciting new businesses.

  7. December 2017

    We test our collaboration and cookery skills at our first Christmas party, where our team of 15 all made pasta together.

  8. August 2018

    We raise $10m in our Series A funding round, led by Draper Esprit. Over 100 law firms are now connected to the Apperio platform.

  9. September 2018

    Our team grew to over 30 people, so we move to new digs and our shiny new office in Holborn.

  10. January 2019

    We get selected to be part of the prestigious Upscale Program. The program supports UK’s startups with the highest potential to become the tech giants of tomorrow.

  11. June 2020

    We expand into the US market, focusing first on large enterprises and Private Equity firms.

  12. April 2021

    We launch our first flagship event, Apperio Legal Expo (ALX).

Our values

Make it clear.

Transparency and simplicity are at the heart of what we do. We believe everyone should have access to the full picture so they know where they stand and are equipped to do their best work. We strip away any unnecessary complexity.

Focus on value.

We move fast by being smart. We identify what will create the most impactful value to in-house legal teams. We operate with self-discipline and accuracy and take the time to deeply understand our customers’ needs.

Own it. Build it.

We are committed to taking on the outdated traditions of the legal world and we are building something that will last. We seek to solve problems for in-house legal teams to drive their success.

Work together. Win together.

We are building a collaboration tool and this business on a foundation of respect. We can only change the system if we work together and we see your success as our success too.

Join us

Are you looking to make a dent in the world? Do you want to work with us to transform an entire industry? Then you’ve come to the right place.