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Apperio is specialist software for General Counsel and their Law Firms.

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Apperio intelligently monitors, measures and manages vital information and activity relating to your legal matters.

Matters Tracked


Fees Recorded


Time delays



We provide you with a single, real-time view of every firm, matter,billable hour and expense.

  • Budgeting tools

    that make the process of calculating fees a plus not a minus

  • Forecasting tools

    mean that future plans will be realistic not idealistic

  • Analytics tools

    that turn raw data into relevant insight in real time

  • Tracking tools

    that make every hour and every penny traceable and transparent

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Apperio offers...

  • Simple design

    Beautifully designed software that’s engaging and easy to use.

  • Cloud based

    Cloud based apps that enable real-time updates, anywhere.

  • Actionable data

    Data that’s accurate, actionable and accessible in one place.

  • Security

    World-class security that ensures your data is kept safe.

What our clients are saying

With multiple legal projects running at any one time we have a real need to manage our legal panel and other sources of legal advice. Apperio revolutionises the way we manage our legal relationships and more importantly gives us clear, timely visibility on our spend and projects.

Tracey Spevack
Company Secretary, Octopus Investments

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