About Apperio

What is Apperio?

Apperio is a legal spend tracking and analytics platform that provides complete certainty on legal spend in real-time. With Apperio’s tracking and analytics, your team and other departments can see exactly how much you are spending and are going to spend on legal fees in real-time.

Who is Apperio for?

Apperio is for in-house legal teams who want to run a cost efficient legal department.

How does Apperio work? Do you connect directly with my law firms?

Apperio makes internal collaboration seamless and removes any friction with law firms. With Apperio you can get all your legal spend data, billed and unbilled, in one place. Set up is quick and easy - it doesn’t even require your IT team. If your law firms are already connected with us, we can set up the feed and start tracking spend instantly.

Which law firms are you connected too?

Our platform is already integrated with over 200 global law firms and we are continually adding law firms from across the globe. If you work with a firm that’s not already part of our network, our onboarding team will take them through the simple process to get started. Simply introduce us to them and we’ll get the data flowing in no time.

To view our connected law firms, click here.

Is Apperio similar to eBilling?

In short, no. eBilling facilitates the electronic transfer (and approval) of invoices. Apperio connects directly to your external firms’ time recording systems, giving you instant transparency of all billed and unbilled work across your entire organisation, right down to individual time entries, specific fee earners and applied rates on any given matter, business unit or geography.

Do I need Apperio if I already have eBilling?

Most likely. Without any visibility of work in progress or simple analytics to really understand how and where your spend is being represented across your business or external firms, how can you be expected to run your department efficiently?

With Apperio, can I see what Work in Pogress (WIP) my law firms have yet to bill?

Yes, your dashboard monitors all your legal matters, across all of your firms, so you can see clearly how much you are spending and how much you are going to spend on legal fees in real-time. Unlike e-billing solutions, your data is live and includes work in progress (WIP), so you are always on top of your spend.

Can I see the details of individual matters in Apperio?

Yes, all you need to do is select the individual matter you would like to view from the list of matters available. You will then be taken to the individual matter page, where you can view billed and unbilled amounts, as well as details of what each fee earner is working on in real-time.

I have a panel review coming up. Can I use Apperio to provide the data I need for this process?

Of course! Apperio’s data will include spend for the last few years spend so you can make informed decisions about what you have spent and with whom to help predict future volumes and negotiate the best relationships with the best rates. To find out how Apperio can assist you in your panel review why not download our Guide to a strong panel design.

Privacy & Data Protection

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Where do you get the data from?

We get your legal spend data directly from your law firms finance systems so we are using the same information used to bill you.

Is there an option to add my own data into the system?

Yes, your Customer Success Manager will be able to assess your requirements and advise the best course of action- but we permit you to add one-off law firm costs and arrange your data according to your own defined taxonomy.

Where is my data stored?

Apperio SaaS platform is hosted with AWS in Ireland, with backups residing in the UK.

How secure is my data?

We are serious about keeping your data safe and secure and operate a robust Information Security Management System.

We are SOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified. We use TLS 1.2 for encryption for data in transit and AES256 for data at rest. We offer Single Sign On (SSO) authentication. We conduct regular automated and manual penetration testing against our infrastructure and ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest security development

Can I download data from Apperio?

Apperio lets you download the details of individual matters with more exporting functionality to come soon.

What happens to my data if I decide not to renew my subscription?

If required, Apperio will provide an export of the data held in the system at the end of the subscription period, after which we would remove the data from our servers.

Account Setup and Management

What do I need to sign up?

You can call us on 020 3778 0024 or email info@apperio.com to schedule a live demo with one of our Sales Directors. During the demo, they will provide further information on the product and onboarding process.

What support do you provide during the set-up process?

Your Customer Success Manager, along with our onboarding team will guide you throughout the process to gather your data, build out your system configuration and train your legal team to get the most out of Apperio.

How long would it take to set up Apperio on my organisation's IT system?

Apperio is cloud hosted and therefore requires no setup from your organisation’s IT team.

What additional support services do you provide to your customers?

Apperio hosts regular user group sessions which provide information and support on the latest features, so you can get the most out of the platform.