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At Apperio, we believe in transparency and communication between businesses and law firms. Nicholas d’Adhemar, the founder and CEO of Apperio, spent 6 years working as a lawyer and 3 years client-side in private equity. He experienced deals first-hand, which completed but were then followed by months of disputes over fees and invoices.

He found that regularly sharing fee information between law firms and their clients significantly improved working relationships. The fewer the surprises, the happier the client. From this simple idea, Apperio was born. Apperio enables you to track your legal spend at an overall or matter level, in real time. With simple, intuitive interface, you instantly gain meaningful insight into your legal spend.

Apperio for:

Expectations can be managed internally and additional budget can be secured if necessary.

All law firms are connected to Apperio so as soon as a project kicks off, billable activity is tracked in real-time enabling the GC to have sight of total legal spend and can drill down into individual projects to see who is doing the work and proactively manage any problems as they arise rather than being forced to be reactive at point of invoice when it’s too late. Alerts are set against key metrics giving the GC peace of mind that matters are being tracked in the background and that he will be alerted if anything requires his attention. Expectations can be managed internally and additional budget can be secured if necessary. Reporting is quick and easy as reports can be downloaded at the click of a button. No surprises when the bill arrives, everyone is happy and law firm relationship is strengthened. A GC can also easily benchmark their firms and get quantitative information on ROI to make informed decisions on who to work with in the future.

Real-time updates enabling clients to stay in control

The budget is planned making use of historic data to build a rigorous fully-scoped plan. Actuals are then tracked against this plan- the partner has real-time updates and alerts enabling them to course correct throughout the matter to ensure optimum efficiency and profitability. They can get this info in a way that fits with how they work ie. check-in with progress or check for any issues on his tablet when commuting home. The client has real-time updates and alerts so they can either feel comfortable that the matter is progressing as planned or a proactive conversation can be initiated if the budget is likely to be exceeded. Enabling the client to buy into any changes.

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