• 16 May 2024

Apperio unveils groundbreaking enhancements to revolutionize legal data collection and analysis, now addressing the whole e-billing market

Three tiers of connectivity

Apperio, the leading provider of legal spend management solutions, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of two transformational features set to redefine how businesses harness and interpret data within the legal sector. These strategic additions underscore Apperio's unwavering commitment to empowering organizations with unparalleled insights, actionable intelligence, and compliance protection.

Data is the new gold, particularly in legal operations where spend data has historically only been available at the point of invoice - after the work has been done. Due to increases in regulation and rate inflation, legal operations teams are seeking ways to gain more data and transparency from their external advisors.

Expanding data collection horizons across the whole spend market: introducing three tiers of connectivity

Apperio is proud to introduce a pivotal enhancement to its platform: the implementation of three tiers of data collection. This groundbreaking approach will enable Apperio to cater comprehensively to the entire spectrum of our clients' requirements, reaffirming our position as the premier solution for spend management in the legal industry.

The three tiers of data collection comprise:

Tier 1 - Real-Time Data Connections

Designed to cater to the highest levels of depth and speed of data, this tier offers real-time access to Accrual and WIP data by connecting Apperio directly to the external providers time and billing systems. Our most powerful form of data collection empowers clients with live insights, facilitating proactive decision-making and collaboration. Clients can identify issues ahead of the invoice ensuring compliance, reducing friction, speeding up invoices, and elevating internal and external relationships.

Tier 2 - Long Tail Data Collection (new feature!!!)

Introducing a new addition to our customers, this tier is specifically tailored to cater to the long tail of legal entities, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all. By incorporating LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) data collection, we are able to automate processes and drive efficiency in time to value, encompassing the whole e-billing market.

Tier 3 - Invoice-Only Data Collection

Addressing the needs of clients with ad-hoc or minimal data requirements, this tier offers a simplified solution for one-off or low-volume scenarios, ensuring flexibility without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Apperio is THE data standard for real time legal spend data, this expansion offers versatility and customization which promises to revolutionize the landscape of data collection within the legal domain.

Coming soon... harnessing the power of AI to ensure accuracy across your invoices and deliver GenBI reporting and insights

Apperio plans to unveil our second generation AI/ML capabilities in the coming months and is poised to set ‘Apperio’ standards across the legal and compliance industry like never before. Apperio’s current billing guidelines flagging feature is an integral component to every business’ workflow, however the process of reviewing flags can be cumbersome due to the nuance of legal invoices.

Introducing this new generation of AI will help not only our customers, but also their external providers to ensure that invoices are clean, accurate, and compliant with Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG), an increasingly common challenges across the industry.

Our ambitious roadmap for AI at Apperio encompasses a myriad of future developments, including generative BI and natural language reporting, all geared towards enriching the customer experience and maximizing the value of the rich, real-time data we collect.

The upcoming launch of these revolutionary features represents a watershed moment in the evolution of Apperio, as we continue to redefine the boundaries of possibility in legal spend management. 



Milli Beard

Head of Product and Analytics

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