invoice approval - flexible configuration to suit your business needs

Flexible configuration to suit your business needs

Create multiple approval flows to match your internal business processes.

Automated rules can also be added to trigger a pre-configured workflow. For example, if an invoice amount reaches a certain threshold, it may require an additional approval step from the GC or CEO.

invoice approval - track the full invoice journey, all in one place

Track the full invoice journey, all in one place

Use the invoice approval dashboard to gain real-time visibility on the status of all invoices and identify potential bottlenecks around invoice review. Track against metrics such as the total time in review, or which invoices are still pending actions by a reviewer.

Reviewers can query an invoice directly within the workflow and leave comments for others in the approval process. All communication is recorded for compliance and auditing purposes.

invoice approval - Improve accuracy. Realise cost savings

Improve accuracy. Realise cost savings

Eliminate the need to manually check rates and billing guidelines with automated alerts that flag violations for each invoice.

Reviewers can also easily reference letters of engagement, records of instruction, credit notes and other supporting documentation associated with a matter in Apperio, alongside an invoice. 

invoice approval - strengthen law firm relationships

Strengthen law firm relationships

Ensure you and your law firms are on the same page, with a shared view of the invoice journey.

Real-time alerts allow law firms to stay up-to-date and respond to invoice queries quickly and easily.

This level of transparency strengthens trust and collaboration with your law firms, allowing both parties to refocus conversations to the business of legal work, instead of invoices.

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