• 7 Jun 2022
  • Season 3, Episode 4

Legally Vocal with Ben White

In this episode of Legally Vocal, Nino speaks to Ben White, founder of Crafty Counsel; a community for in-house counsel and other legal professionals seeking joy, insight and connection in their careers.

Ben and Nino explore the similarities in their careers: both starting as corporate lawyers who moved into in-house roles before founding their own businesses within the legal industry. In doing so, they discuss the inevitable tension in trying to maintain work-life balance while building a successful ‘now or never’ business.

Ben also shares his insights into why a sense of community, and fun, is increasingly important to London’s GC community. He also tells us a bit more about the inaugural CraftyFest, which promises to deliver both these things, along with a little dash of glitter.

Ben White, Founder of Crafty Counsel

Ben White

Founder, Crafty Counsel