• 11 Mar 2022

Legally Vocal x IWD with Alexis Alexander

In this special International Women’s Day episode of Legally Vocal I. Stephanie Boyce (President of The Law Society of England and Wales) speaks to Alexis Alexander (General Counsel at Liberis). 

Alexis runs Legal and Compliance at Liberis, is a mum to twins and a ten-month-old baby, and enjoys long distance running. Alexis believes her high stamina and mental grit is helped by being authentic and not having to hide her true self, as well as taking time to recognise her own achievements and gain perspective.

Alexis and Stephanie also discuss unconscious and cultural biases, the value of interpersonal relationships, and how informal networks and mentors can provide a safe space for women in legal to use as a sounding board to help #breakthebias.

Stephanie Boyce

Host - I. Stephanie Boyce

President of the Law Society

Alexis Alexander

Alexis Alexander

General Counsel, Liberis