Customer Stories

Find out how Apperio is used globally by legal, finance and investment teams.

Here are a few of their stories.


EQT is one of the world’s largest investment organisations with 17 active funds and around €52 billion assets under management. The firm has over 700 staff, with offices in 17 countries worldwide, operating across multiple sectors and investment strategies.


Epiris began using Apperio in 2018 and has found this to be a crucial tool in helping internal investment and finance teams to understand legal spend in greater detail and manage the external matters currently in progress.

Network Rail

Network Rail were using billing reports which were three months out of date and therefore weren’t of strategic value. With real-time spend analysis with Apperio, Network Rail were able to make better management decisions and run their legal department like a business.

Network Rail (Panel reviews)

Network Rail were able to increase confidence in their legal teams by working with law firms who were able to operate with a more open and transparent mindset. Read how Network Rail were able to half the size of its external legal panel with Apperio.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

A household name in financial protection, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme was challenged in its forecasting, budgeting and decision-making by uncertainty over legal spend.