The definitive buyers guide to legal spend management

The definitive buyers guide to legal spend management

There’s confusion in the market over legal technology tools designed for law departments. Such confusion is a natural occurrence in a maturing market as software providers jockey for a strong position. The vendor community begins to use similar words and terms that all sound the same. As a result, prospective buyers struggle to understand the differences. 

The market noise raises the perceived risk for buyers. The chances of selecting, implementing and training the legal team on a product that only partially solves the problem – or doesn’t solve it at all – increase considerably. 

This paper will look at legal spend management software with a special focus on comparing it to legacy solutions like e-billing. We believe our roots, unique approach, and continuous effort to champion spend management provide us with the foundations to make a genuine contribution. 

Report written by:

Harriet Hall

Head of Product Marketing

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