The pursuit of control in legal spending

The pursuit of control in legal spending

This survey of 300 in-house PE and VC lawyers finds that the pressure to control legal costs builds as spending continues to grow. 

In fact, 64% of PE and VC firms are spending more on legal services this year, with 66% expecting spending levels to rise again next year.

However, many of the strategies in-house counsel currently use to address rising legal spend – such as requesting discounts on surprise invoices – are too reactive and occur retrospectively. 

High level findings include:

  • 74% admit that fixed fees exceed the agreed price at least some of the time
  • 46% identified a lack of transparency around time, billing and law firm invoices as a top barrier to controlling costs
  • 39% are still 'always' or 'often' surprised by the size of law firm invoices
  • 81% indicated some legal matters are initiated without their knowledge.

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