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Apperio has been a gamechanger for hundreds of in-house legal teams. It has improved internal and external collaboration, strengthening the relationship between firms and their external counsel. The ease of the platform has brought the legal profession into today’s world.

Apperio has given us leverage with our law firms to be able to be stricter about how much they’re going to charge us. We won’t now even take on a law firm if they’re not willing to be transparent via Apperio. It’s a prerequisite that we put in to our engagement letters.

Keruschka Shunmugam Legal Operations Manager

Having real-time data to help us track and understand where we are investing in legal services was critical to us to make sure that we are investing in the right areas and are working with firms that are delivering real, sustainable value to us. We’ve found a great solution in Apperio, that gives us this data in a simple and digestible format and enables the Legal team to focus on supporting the overall growth of Monzo.

Dean Nash Head of Legal and Compliance

Two years ago, we had to ask externally how much we were spending - an unsatisfactory situation for any organisation. Now at the click of a mouse we can see exactly how much we spend with each firm, in real time, on particular work types across the country. That’s a very different, and better, place to be.

Dan Kayne General Counsel (Regions)

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