• 17 Sep 2021
  • Viewing time
    16 minutes

Interview: How is technology transforming how PE/VC funds operate? The legal perspective

Digital transformation is bringing new operational opportunities to private equity and venture capital firms across many areas of their businesses.

A recent study by Apperio found that private equity legal leaders are facing dual challenges of distributed accountability and cost overruns, hindering their efforts to proactively manage legal spending.

During this 15 minute interview, BVCA's Assistant Director General, Leon de Bono and Apperio's CEO, Nicholas d'Adhemar discuss:

  • The ways in which operational efficiencies across PE houses is impacting legal departments
  • What steps businesses need to take on their tech transformation journey
  • How Apperio has helped their PE clients address key challenges

Nicholas d'Adhemar

Founder and CEO, Apperio

Leon de Bono

Leon de Bono

Assistant Director General, BVCA

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