• 29 Jul 2020
  • Viewing time
    55 minutes

Rocketing scrutiny, eroding trust: The changing PE legal spend landscape

In the sixth webinar of our series, our guest host Richard Fogg (CEO, CC Group) is joined by panelists Vikash Tewarie (Senior Legal Counsel, Rabo Corporate Investments), Charlotte Henderson (GC and COO, All Seas Capital) and Oliver Cardozo (Sales Director, Apperio) to discuss the latest findings from Apperio's report on the changing Private Equity legal spend landscape.

Our panelists discussed:

  • The impacts of increasing scrutiny on legal spend within Private Equity 
  • Implications of increasing cost pressures on relationships between PE houses and law firms
  • Potential reasons for legal sectors reluctance to embrace technology 


To access the accompanying report, Rocketing Scrutiny, Eroding Trust - The Changing PE Legal Spend Landscape, please click here.

Richard Fogg

Richard Fogg

CEO, CC Group

Vikash Tewarie

Vikash Tewarie

Senior Legal Counsel, Rabo Corporate Investments

Charlotte Henderson

Charlotte Henderson

GC and COO, All Seas Capital

Oliver Cardozo

Olly Cardozo

Sales Director, Apperio

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