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Why work with us?

We believe in hiring smart, creative people and giving them the responsibility and autonomy they need to have an impact and be successful.

Our mission at Apperio is to build a product that will transform the legal world, bringing simplicity and transparency to relationships, while having some fun in the process!

We walk the walk internally too - we put a lot of effort into internal communication and transparency. We work in the open. We discuss and share updates on company finances, sales pipeline, the value of the business, the roadmap and the business strategy openly with everyone because we believe people make better local decisions when they have all the information available to them.


At Apperio we respect people's personal lives. We believe people do their best work, and are most productive, when they are happy. We are also a team that succeeds or fails together, and we want everyone to share in the success of the business. You can't capture culture in a list of bullet points, but here are some of the basics that we offer:

  • Stock options - we want everyone to have a stake in the business
  • 25 days holiday plus bank holidays
  • Pension
  • Comprehensive private medical insurance with Vitality
  • Flexible working options
  • Regular social events, team lunches and nights out
  • Free snacks, drinks and breakfasts
  • Central office location in Holborn
  • Only the best equipment - the latest MacBook Pro or MacBook and 27-inch 4K screens
  • Whatever books and learning material you need to learn and grow



Sales Director