• 9 Mar 2022

Legally Vocal x IWD with Priscilla Osoba

In this special International Women’s Day episode of Legally Vocal, I. Stephanie Boyce (President of The Law Society of England and Wales) speaks to Priscilla Osoba (Projects Solicitor at Burges Salmon LLP). 

Priscilla was the winner of the Under-35 Lawyer of the Year Award at our Inspirational Women in Law Awards 2019 for her work with BCultured, the firm’s first BAME network and challenged the inequality that can be found in an input vs output, billable hours culture.

Priscilla and Stephanie also speak about having allies and how challenging stereotypes around projecting confidence can help #breakthebias.

Stephanie Boyce

Host - I. Stephanie Boyce

President of the Law Society

Priscilla Osoba

Priscilla Osoba

Solicitor, Burges Salmon