• 8 Mar 2022

Legally Vocal x IWD with Stephanie Corey

In this special International Women’s Day episode of Legally Vocal, I. Stephanie Boyce (President of The Law Society of England and Wales) speaks to Stephanie Corey (Co-Founder at UpLevel Ops and Founder of CLOC). 

Stephanie shares her perspective of ‘falling into’ the female-dominant world of legal operations and how she has seen female leadership develop faster in this specialisation, compared with other areas of legal. They explore how soft skills are being leveraged by leaders in smaller, more nimble organisations.

They also speak about the positive impact of workplace flexibility, which was necessitated by the pandemic, and how this legacy can ultimately help to #breakthebias.

Stephanie Boyce

Host - I. Stephanie Boyce

President of the Law Society

Stephanie Corey

Stephanie Corey

Co-Founder, UpLevel Ops and Founder of CLOC