• 5 May 2021
  • Viewing time
    50 minutes

ALX 2021: Panel 1 - Key legal trends in private funds

On Thursday 29 April 2021, Apperio held its first virtual legal conference for private fund leaders - ALX.


The last 12 months or so have been a whirlwind for private investors. The pandemic drove rapid innovation that both created investment opportunities and incentivised firms to review their own digital transformation.

The first panel session examined the key legal trends influencing private capital including:

  • The pandemic's effects on the private capital and deal flow
  • How the pandemic has changed the legal work
  • Why LPs are asking more questions and more frequently
  • The urgency for private investors in D&I and ESG
  • Adapting to serious concerns in cybersecurity


* * *

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Neil MacDougall

Chairman of BVCA and Silverfleet Capital

Andrew Grill

Andrew Grill

Practical Futurist

Pamela Miranda

Pamela Miranda

Founder and MD of MiiCap

Rorie Norton

Rorie Norton

Editor at The Private Law Report

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