Apperio spend dashboard view

Spend dashboard

Monitor the cumulative spend of all your legal matters, across all of your law firms, funds, LPs and investments, broken down by fees and disbursements.

See exactly how much you’ve spent and how much ongoing time is on the clock in your selected date range, to prevent unexpected surprises at the invoice stage.

Apperio Features - Law firm view

Law firm view

Gain clarity on the work and spend associated with each of your law firms to understand the fee types, rates charged and time spent on your matters.

Drill down further to view individual time entries by fee earner and enable conversations with your law firms that focus on collaboration.

Apperio Features - Matter list

Matters and budgets

Set budgets for individual matters and track how your spend is performing against them, to control costs and forecast effectively during fundraising and ongoing M&A activities.

Gain insights on your historic and in-progress projects, from the amount of work done to the details of invoices and individual time entries.

Apperio Features - Analytics


Analyse your in-house and portfolio legal spend data with just a few clicks.

Consistently benchmark spend across fee earners to monitor year-on-year trends, identify actionable insights and help set KPIs to improve your strategic decision-making.

Apperio Features - Notifications

Notifications and alerts

Apperio works away in the background to help you stay in control, with notifications for matters approaching their budgets and a weekly email summary of fees for your starred matters.

invoice approval workflow

Invoice approval workflow

Automate the review and approval of invoices through a fully customisable workflow to match your internal business processes.

Track and report every stage of the invoice journey with real-time visibility from ‘work-in-progress’ to ‘invoice paid’. Find out more.

Apperio Features - Customer Success

Customer success

Your dedicated customer success manager will guide you through account setup, including best practices for structuring your matters, implementing budgets and accelerating adoption across your team.

Apperio can also be customised to include business-specific categories and filters, bespoke reports and confidentiality rules.