Apperio exists to make the global legal industry clear, connected and collaborative.

Find out how our technology helps in-house counsel and law firms work more collaboratively and efficiently.

What our customers say

A legal team has a specific focus – and it isn’t necessarily finance. They have a piece of work and they have to get it done. As a finance professional, I have to know what costs I’m looking at. With Apperio, we have the data to work together.

The key point is that there is a degree of clarity when both sides can see where the time is spent more precisely. Rather than having to say, ‘please send me reams and reams of information’, you can see it in Apperio almost immediately. And not just when the money’s already been spent.

Two years ago, we had to ask externally how much we were spending - an unsatisfactory situation for any organisation. Now at the click of a mouse we can see exactly how much we spend with each firm, in real time, on particular work types across the country. That’s a very different, and better, place to be.

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