Ten KPIs to track your legal panel's performance

Phil O'Hagan, 26 Jul 2019

To get the right answers, you must ask the right questions – and that means creating effective KPIs for your panel.

The Data-Driven Panel Review

Timothy Hogwood, 26 Jul 2019

How can you use data and transparency to drive value from your panel?

Forging a productive GC/CFO relationship - an interview with FSCS's James Dar...

Maria Monks, 28 Jun 2019

Apperio met with James Darbyshire from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to discuss the relationship between legal and finance teams

Breakfast Briefing: A meeting of minds between Legal and Finance

Maria Monks, 03 Jun 2019

Key lessons from Apperio's Breakfast Briefing on maximising the value of the in-house legal team

Early Adoption: are early birds finally catching the worm?

Phil O'Hagan, 26 Mar 2019

The benefits of being an early legal tech adopter

Key themes from CLOC London 2019

Maria Monks, 28 Jan 2019

Key themes from CLOC London 2019

"Budget is trickery...": Buying legal technology

Nicholas d'Adhemar, 17 Dec 2018

SaaS can unlock the seemingly complex process of buying legal technology

Putting Data to Work

Nicholas d'Adhemar, 19 Sep 2018

A data-driven transformation in legal services

Capped Fees - If the cap fits, be wary!

Phil O'Hagan, 29 Aug 2018

Thoughts on when capped fees may not make sense

Technology in Legal Ops

Rebecca Tear, 02 Aug 2018

How Trainline is making legal lean

Apperio Breakfast Roundtable Blog

Nicholas d'Adhemar, 21 Jun 2018

Five lessons from our General Counsel community

The OODA Loop

Nicholas d'Adhemar, 06 Jun 2018

Feedback loops in your legal department - it’s good to go round in circles

Time to stop using Excel

Nicholas d'Adhemar, 09 May 2018

Legal Departments, it’s time to think the unthinkable - goodbye Excel

SaaS - the tech-free guide

Stephen Wilcock, 16 Apr 2018

SaaS - the tech-free guide to the software that’s changing the world for General Counsel

In defence of the billable hour

Nicholas d'Adhemar, 15 Mar 2018

In defence of the billable hour. Is opacity the real issue?

How does Apperio differ from ebilling?

Rebecca Tear, 12 Feb 2018

How does Apperio differ from ebilling? Our infographic clearly explains the differences.

General Counsel Trends for 2018

Rebecca Tear, 13 Dec 2017

The role of General Counsel has changed. Legal spend management & legal technology can help legal departments keep pace.

In-house Lawyers need to embrace innovations

Nicholas d'Adhemar, 29 Nov 2017

In-house Lawyers need to embrace innovations to meet the needs of their evolving role