Manage law firms against agreed behaviours and KPIs

Gain valuable insights on how your law firms are performing with real-time visibility of time entries, aggregated from your law firms' practice management systems.

  • Drive behavioural change towards more efficient working practices by setting meaningful KPIs that you can monitor regularly and accurately.
  • Focus on value-based conversations instead of querying invoices.
  • Strengthen your relationships, build trust and improve collaboration with outside counsel.

Achieve deep cost savings from strategic, long-term change

Apperio provides the data you need to analyse historic spending patterns and drive long-term cost savings from your legal department.

  • Use accurate, current data to make informed strategic decisions that improve your company’s efficiency.
  • Identify similar recurring matters that could be resourced more efficiently in-house.
  • Analyse typical volumes of work for panel reviews and identify key metrics for monitoring law firm performance.

Manage the cost, scope and progress of large matters

Prevent large projects such as M&A transactions from spiralling out of control with unexpected costs and budget overruns.

  • Take a proactive management approach to monitor costs across multiple firms, using your own reporting structures.
  • Manage the ongoing costs, scope and budgets for complex and unpredictable projects, even when billed infrequently.
  • Measure and optimise the ideal proportion of fixed-fee vs hourly-billed matters for each project.

Forecast, budget and report on spend

Understand your current and historical legal spend, across all law firms, to forecast and accurately budget for future expenditure.

  • Remove the perception of legal spend being a ‘black box’ with total oversight of your ongoing and historical costs.
  • Drill down and report consistently on spend by practice area, department, law firm, fee-earner, project, region and more.
  • Take corrective actions where necessary to stay within budgets and prevent unexpected overspend.

Improve spend transparency for auditing and regulatory compliance

Safeguard your regulatory compliance with a fully auditable breakdown of your legal spend from all connected law firms.

  • Automated reporting to prove cost transparency and demonstrate value for money to your stakeholders.
  • Reduce human error by ending your reliance on complex spreadsheets collated manually.
  • Show fair allocation of costs between business units and other criteria relevant to your business

What our customers say

A legal team has a specific focus – and it isn’t necessarily finance. They have a piece of work and they have to get it done. As a finance professional, I have to know what costs I’m looking at. With Apperio, we have the data to work together.

Having real-time data to help us track and understand where we are investing in legal services was critical to us to make sure that we are investing in the right areas and are working with firms that are delivering real, sustainable value to us. We’ve found a great solution in Apperio, that gives us this data in a simple and digestible format and enables the Legal team to focus on supporting the overall growth of Monzo.

Two years ago, we had to ask externally how much we were spending - an unsatisfactory situation for any organisation. Now at the click of a mouse we can see exactly how much we spend with each firm, in real time, on particular work types across the country. That’s a very different, and better, place to be.


Intuitive cloud-based software to view all your legal spend data, accrued and billed, across all your law firms and matters.

How it works

Learn how to get started with minimal fuss. We work closely with you and your law firms to onboard your historic and ongoing spend data.

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