Improve client retention and win new business

Apperio helps strengthen your relationships with clients by improving the visibility and predictability of work completed by your firm. By demonstrating the value provided, you can instil greater mutual trust and ensure you are the preferred law firm partner to your clients.

Reduce debtor days and increase invoice recovery rates

By providing clients with live visibility on the progress of matters, law firms connected with Apperio see a 20-30% reduction in the time clients take to pay invoices. This improved transparency also ensures you’re aligned with clients’ priorities, thereby reducing write-downs from work completed unnecessarily.

Build a reputation for innovation and transparency

Demonstrate the innovative nature of your firm by connecting your clients with the rich insights provided by Apperio’s unique spend management solution.

By aggregating data automatically from your practice management system rather than sending manual updates, you can collaborate with clients far more proactively and productively.

Streamline your internal operations and timekeeping practices

Eliminate manual administration spent collating work in progress, project updates and matter breakdowns. Improve your firm’s timekeeping hygiene and accuracy, with many law firms using Apperio achieving the goal of recording 99% of time entries within 5 days, leading to fewer revisions and disputes with clients.

What our law firm partners say

We are thrilled to be working with one of the most promising legal tech companies for legal spend management in the market. Apperio is a product that we believe will be a game-changer in the competition for legal panel positions.

Apperio is just one of many ways we are using Innovation at Trowers to provide effective client solutions and improve our legal services for clients. Clients value the increased transparency, clarity and control on legal spend that Apperio brings.

I think there is a business case for Apperio within law firms. They could use this as a tool for their clients to log on and see how matters have progressed, rather than having these tedious email reports and manual extracts. I think the firms we work with have come to realise that we’re not using Apperio to look at their hourly rates or individual narratives each day - we’re looking at the total picture and managing by exception.

Partner with us

Offer Apperio as an added benefit to your clients, with partnership options to suit law firms of all sizes and needs.


A modern and intuitive platform providing you and your clients with a shared, consistent, up-to-date view on in-progress and billed matters.

How it works

Apperio uniquely receives time entry data directly from your practice management systems, rather than relying on manual time entry updates or historic invoice uploads.

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