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The top 10 legal spend blog posts on Apperio in 2022

The Top 10 Legal Blog Posts on the Apperio in 2022

This year Apperio published 50 legal blog posts for a total of roughly 50,000 words. The following are our most-read posts in 2022 as measured by reader analytics. 

Legal blogging is a great way to connect and stay in tune with the market. We’ve had so many interesting conversations – initiated or continued – from this effort. 

Although we definitely have a unique view of legal spend, legal tech and the business of law, we go to lengths to write pieces with editorial objectivity. Indeed, we often cover studies and surveys produced by other organizations, including technology providers. 

This year we published 50 blog posts on these pages for a total of approximately 50,000 words. The following are our most-read posts in 2022 as measured by reader analytics. 

Number 10: Studies suggest a need to level up legal department tech and data skills

GCs and CLOs need to focus on improving tech and data skills to get the most out of their investment in legal technology and eliminate the legal department’s sense of being overwhelmed.

Number 9: Legal workloads, headcount and outside counsel will all grow, say Chief Legal Officers

Chief legal officers say legal workloads are growing – and they aim to manage by adding headcount, sending more work to law firms and improving legal processes. 

Number 8: Ideas for improving legal tech adoption as investment in training lags behind tools

A study by Bloomberg found law firms and in-house legal teams are investing more money in tools but are neglecting training. This is affecting legal tech adoption; here are ideas for addressing the problem. 

Number 7: Law department feeling overwhelmed? Process improvement is an antidote 

Studies show that while law departments feel overwhelmed, even small process improvement changes could alleviate the strain; however, legal operations must also overcome cultural hurdles to getting started.

Number 6: 7 ways Apperio evolves legal spend management beyond e-billing

Apperio enables corporate counsel to do things they can’t do with e-billing, such as viewing WIP and accruals to understand legal spend without having to wait for a law firm invoice.  

Number 5: In-house statistics that stand out from 5 different legal survey reports 

A survey of GCs finds that 57% say their boards have an increased appetite for risk – this post summarizes this survey and several others to curate statistics of interest to in-house legal leaders.

Number 4: As the margin of error shrinks, private equity develops institutional-like operations

Facing higher valuations and more competition, PE firms are developing more rigorous operating models to reduce the chances of making business or investing errors, a consulting firm has found. 

Number 3: Connecting to Apperio for Law Firms: FAQ’s

We are fortunate to have some law firm operations people on staff, and in this post, they answer some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) law firms ask when one of their clients wants them to connect to the Apperio platform.  

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Number 2: Helpful statistics on legal spending for lawyers working in private equity 

While there are plenty of studies of legal across business and corporate counsel, there have been very few that delve into the specialty of private equity (PE). Apperio has polled nearly 600 in-house lawyers who work in private equity – and has produced five reports and many helpful statistics on legal spending – which are summarized here with links to additional resources.

Number 1: 7 statistics that show why legal operations is the backbone of the law department

Statistics show law departments are increasingly recognizing legal operations as a strategic priority – and they are growing their legal ops teams while also adding to their responsibilities.

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Thank you for spending some time reading our blog in 2022. We wish you a safe holiday season and prosperity in the New Year.


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